Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maddy's 6th Birthday Party !

Maddy's 6th Birthday at John's !

My mom and Madisson !

Zayda, Madelyn, Kailey, Maddy, Audrey

Aunt Jenna and Uncle Gabe

BFF"S Zayda, Madelyn, an Audrey ( cousins )

Owie, and Madelyn

Madisson and Uncle Ryan !

It was just a family Party but she had a really fun time !

Out of Towner's

Well a couple of weeks ago we had a fantastic surprise, Uncle Fornie and Aunt Sue came to visit and we had a great time! I really love when we get company.... Anywayz Unlce Forn took Amos and Gabe to play some golf while us girls played cards all day it was a lot of fun. We also went to John's Incredible Pizza had had a blast! Thanks for stopping in on your vacation it was really great to see you : )

Friday, June 5, 2009

Honor Roll

Kailey made the "A" Honor Roll for 1st and 2ND Semester in the first grade. This is a picture of Kailey and her teacher. Kailey has to try hard for things she wants it doesn't come easy to her. So Amos and I are very proud of her, for this achievement! We are praying she continues to do well in academics and always try's her hardest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

K-5 Graduation !

Madisson Graduated Kindergarten. She will be class of 2021 ! She received awards in Phonics, Bible, Writing, Reading, and the Citizenship for her class! She did Fantastic : ) Isaiah 40:31 was their K-5 verse ! We are so proud of the little lady Maddy is becoming and pray she continues to excel in what ever she does ! (her teacher is over in the corner such a sweet lady)
Pastor is the man standing next to her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baseball Seasons over !

This is My Husband receiving his coaches awards from both teams. He is a great Coach he had 18 request to be on his team this year from last year ( they are only allowed 12 ), I'm sure their will be more request next year his whole team loves him !
This is Audrey our youngest, she had a pretty good year, Madelyn was on her team so they liked to play around a lot more than focusing on the game but when they did focus they played like all-stars. She is our baby and loves the role of it!

This is Maddy our middle at her end of the year party with Amos the head coach and asst. coach Matt, an ed! Maddy had a great season! Maddy is our little Tom-Boy who is seaming to be naturally good at what ever she tries! ( she loves to look like a little lady, but she'd rather play with the boys)

This is Kailey our oldest her team made it to playoffs her first year on Under 8 Softball the girls took 2ND place but they played great they had to play two game's back to back on Saturday and it was 103 degrees out side ! She is a little Stud and will be awesome in what ever she wants to do !

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sorry it's been so long I've been a little depressed but finally feeling better. A week ago our dog chuck ran into me and I broke my foot! It's slowly getting better! Anyway Amos coaches 2 teams and the other day we took all the kids to Frugos an Frozen yogurt shop and had such a great time! We told them at the start of the season if the hit the ball to the grass we'd get them an Ice Cream and guess what they all hit the ball to the grass !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Funny I just had to post.....

So Jenna, Madelyn, Owen, Audrey took me to my post op dr app and on the way Audrey Farted so loud I said Audrey say excuse me, She said I didn't do it, madelyn didn't do it, owen didn't do it, Mommy didn't do it, Aunt Jenna didn't do it, Daddy did it
( Amos wasn't even in the car!) lol

Monday, February 16, 2009

OUCH !!!!

So I got my knee surgery on Tuesday and it went well, I was told to imagine the worst and hope for the best only I didn't imagine it as bad as it is WOW does it hurt even through the pain meds I still feel it throb : ( Yes Amos still has a job even after taking the day off to take me in for my surgery ( If you don't know Amos that well it's not something he does very often well ever he even missed the birth of our third daughter ! ) So I felt very loved : ) and he's been having to do my job all weekend and it's been a long weekend just ask him, my mom even had two kids for the weekend and he has still been busy everyday all day! Maybe he will appreciate all I do now : ) But what would I do without him , I'd be lost I Love him so much and I'm glad that God picked him out just for me!!! By the way I finished The Shack And I loved it I would have to say it's worth the read. Until next time....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We got our taxes done last night we don't owe we get money back, but go figure from the state of California we get a big fat I OWE YOU ! with no idea when we might see the money wow I never thought we'd be here.Amos said legally they have to pay us by May or start paying some Interest on the money! I guess it's a good thing we don't need the money but it's always nice : )

Friday, January 16, 2009

California Girl...

This made me laugh today so I thought I'd share it. Audrey and I were on are way to get the girls from school and we past a field, Audrey very softly from the back seat said mom look look out side the window there are a bunch of moos. I said what baby? She said out side there are a bunch of moo moos. I turnedto look at a herd of cows so I asked her what animal it was she insisted it was a moo I told her it was a cow and the noise it made went moo! But I have to addmit that for the longest time I thought milk came from the cows that were white with brown spots, and the cows that were brown with brown spots made chocolate milk! Us Cali Girls lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baseball Season...

So I've been told that I'm a slacker for not writing on here for a while but I'm new so I'll set a goal of once a week : ) Anyhow It's official our life it about to get hectic, We just signed the girls up for tee-ball Amos and Gabe are going to coach 3-4 year old team with Audrey, and Madelyn on the same team cause they are bffs! Then Amos is coaching 5-6 year old team with Maddy being on that team. We thought Kailey would also get to be on that team considering she is 6 but I guess she falls into a loop-hole she will start her first year of competitive ball U-8 and under! So that is any where from four to six different practices a week and not to mention games are held at night too and audreys team will play games Saturdays. But it's definitely worth it to watch the kids grow all year : ) Audrey 4th Birthday is Sunday January the 18th and we are planning to go to Disneyland( we have annual passes ) I've started reading "The Shack" ( a book Aunt Susie gave to me ) and to be honest I got it the end of November but it took me a month to read the first two chapters but since the third chapter I haven't been able to put it down I really like it I'm on the 9th chapter and so far I would recommend it! Hopefully as the year goes on my blogs get better ! well until next time .

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CHRISTmas with the Hoyt's 08

So hello again, here are some picture's from our family Christmas my Mom, Sister,Aunt, Cousin, and all our kids had a cookie day, my mom was talking to her best friend on her cell phone making plans for later that night and making chocolate mix to dip some crackers in. She dropped her phone in the chocolate mix it was hilarious ( I guess you had to be there. ) Then we had a snow day here in Beaumont it took me a half hour to get them dressed to play for five minutes at the park before Maddy had to go pee and there was no bathroom at the park but it was a lot of fun! Madisson was so excited we we're getting snow she wanted to call Aunt Arlee and Uncle Brody to let them know she was getting snow at her house. Well I'm trying to get the picture's together from the coast trip and put them on a sight so anyone can get them printed out if they'd like all mine turned out blurry so if any one has some they'd like to share that would be great if you would let me know, love you all until next time. Hoyt's